#prymambassador – www.BodyExtend.Me – Baby accessories that save money, time and resources

We at www.bodyextend.me produce bodysuit extenders, this is an accessory designed for mommies and their babies, that give 3 more months of usage to a regular bodysuit. This means that moms usually use a lot of bodysuits 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12, 12-18 months, with Bodyextend.me this changes to : 0-3, 6-9, 12-18 months etc. We all know how many resources are used to raise a baby, only imagine that we can reduce in half all these resources by using bodysuit extenders baby accessories. Because all of us should be striving to advocate for having a sustainable society, that is why we want to participate actively towards this goal. Rethink. reuse, recycle – this is what this idea is about, promotion of rational resource consumption among ourselves starting with moms, because we all know how many resources are consumed to raise a baby.
And thanks to the PRYM company and their useful products in April 2017 we succeeded to launch this idea and give mommies the possibility to use a budget friendly solution for their babies while there are on their maternity leave.
Out target group are future/already mommies, since the childbirth they confront their selves with a big problem: babies growing to fast out of their bodysuit, also cloth nappies contribute, so the bodysuit extender comes into the stage and solves all these problems at once, also, makes life easier for the moms, offers comfort to the baby in the same bodysuit, its time saving, money saving, saves space in the wardrobe and saves the planet by reducing the consumed resources necessary to make bodysuits. If we think a bit global about this, then you will the see the impact on the environment – we could cut in half the bodysuits needed to raise a baby, as a result the resources needed to produce bodysuits. Because thanks to www.bodyextend.me – instead of 10 bodysuits moms can use 5 for a longer period, this is how we can cut in half resources needed to produce bodysuits.
Thanks to such a creative project, all mommies around the world found out about this minimalist and useful accessory. We receive a lot of messages from abroad and moms are very enthusiastic about this solution/lifehack and this is how our bodysuit extenders traveled in the entire Moldova, in Europe – Ghotenburg, Romania, even to UK and US (Seattle).
Actually through this project, we try to promote 3 things:
1 – an affordable solution for mothers that saves money in the family budget
2 – protecting the environment – by reducing the number of clothes needed to raise a baby and at the same time reducing the resources needed to produce baby clothes. The textile industry is considered the number two pollutant of the planet’s waters, and environmental experts say the 3 months extension of the clothing life could reduce by as much as 10% the carbon, water and waste emissions of the clothing industry. Everyone should acknowledge that we have limited resources and that we should use them wisely. That is why we have a noble mission, we aim to educate each family in the spirit of rational consumption of resources, which in the long run will have only positive effects. We also would like to set a movement were moms become ambassadors of such solution among future moms along with promoting the idea of a green planet,because shanring is caring. And this is how we will engage more people and raise awareness regarding responsibly consuming goods.
3 – we would like to serve as an inspiration for other staying at home moms so that they will launch their ideas, by the power of our own example we hope that they will have the courage to launch as momtrepreneurs and why not at a global scale.

Me personally – I don’t like waste and I really like simple, alternative, accessible solutions, I believe starting from here comes my motivation of founding www.bodyextend.me. I am also a mom that chooses what’s best for her child and the planet, I believe a lot of moms have the same position as me. Because moms are savvy and I truly believe we can solve 2 major problems at once , mom’s and planet’s. Because I realize that all of us can unite forces to create an impact and leave a legacy behind us to our followers and this means launching projects like BodyExtend.Me.

Thank you PRYM for making this idea possible.
Together we can change the world, with baby steps but for sure 😉

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